Hair Beauty Tips

Sometimes just knowing a few simple shortcuts can make you look and feel ten times better, only faster. Below are eight of my favorite hair and beauty tips.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 1

Use cooler water to wash and rinse your hair.  Extremely high water temperatures can damage fragile hair strands and leave you looking frizzy.  Avoid washing your hair every day as this can lead to extreme dryness.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 2

Pat your hair dry instead of rubbing out the moisture which leads to tangling which leads to breakage which starts a cycle of uneven locks.  Use the medium setting on your hairdryer to avoid burnt hair from too much heat.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 3

Always use a comb on wet hair which is more elastic and easier to pull or tangle than dry hair. Be sure to comb small sections rather than forcing a brush through it quickly.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 4

Visit your beauty salon regularly for trims and hair care checkups.  Often your stylist can inform you of any new products and give you great hair and beauty tips.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 5

Eating healthier and drinking more water isn’’t just for your body’s health, it’s also beneficial to your hair and skin.  By keeping your body hydrated, you will be less likely to develop dry skin or dry hair.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 6

Coat your lashes with facial powder prior to applying your mascara.  This will cause your lashes to look longer and use less mascara which can cake up and break your lashes.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 7

Use lipsticks with bluish undertones to make your teeth appear whiter. Shades in the berry or burgundy fashion are often great for this.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 8

Apply a highlighter or lighter colored make up foundation to wrinkles to help the light bounce, thus drawing it out and minimizing the look of aging.  Be sure to blend it in with your normal cosmetics or it may look like streaks.

I hope these hair and beauty tips help you shave some time of your daily beauty regimen.…

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