Why Does The Skin Age?

As with all our body organs, skin ages as programmed by genes. This is called internal ageing. Dry skin, age spots, white hair, hair loss, thin nails and other skin changes come purely due to age. Skin also ages by external factors. Sun is the main external factor that ages the skin. The sun rays consist of many light spectrums. Ultra violet rays damage the skin most. Both UVA and UVB are responsible for skin damage. Ageing due to sun is called photo ageing.

Sun-Sun breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin. The skin loses its elasticity and firmness and develops premature wrinkles. Photo ageing depends on the skin color and the amount of sun exposure over the years.

Dark colored individuals show less sun damage while fair skinned people show more sun damage for the same exposure. With rising age, the total sun exposure increases and its gives rise to not only age spots, but also more serious problems such as actinic keratoses and skin cancers. The only way to prevent sun damage is protection from the sun.

Gravity plays its part in skin ageing. As you know gravity pulls everything towards the earth. As we age, the effect of gravity becomes evident. The loss of elastin in the skin with ageing plays a role in this. With gravity, jowls form, the ears elongate, the tip of the nose elongates and other such changes take place.

Smoking- tobacco plays a major role in skin ageing. It is found that smokers form wrinkles sooner than non-smokers. Smokers also develop unsightly yellow hue to their skin color. Smoking brings about biochemical changes in body and that accelerates ageing of skin. By quitting smoking, this can be stopped to a certain extent.

Expressions of face when we make facial expressions, we use facial muscles and the skin forms lines. With age, the skin loses its ability to spring back and lines form. With repetitive facial expressions, these lines become permanent. To avoid such lines and wrinkles, stop making facial expressions as much as you can and if you are doing facial exercises, be aware that the lines will form permanently.

Sleeping position- Sleep lines form over years depending on your sleeping position. If you sleep with face down on the pillow, you may develop wrinkles on your forehead. if you sleep sideways with your cheeks resting on the pillow, the wrinkles will appear accordingly. To avoid formation of sleep lines, change your sleeping position frequently. If you sleep with your face upward on the pillow, no sleep lines will form.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.…

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Is Your Diet Causing Wrinkles ?

Aging is a natural sequence of life, yet many of us can’t face it gracefully. Grey hair, sagging skin and ugly wrinkles are by products of the aging process. Every one of us hates wrinkles and wish they would never occur, but aging and wrinkled skin are inevitable. As despairing as it sounds there are solutions available to delay the advent of aging and wrinkles.

What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles refer to those thin and creased lines that appear on the softer portions of our body like the face, neck and hands and results in sagging skin due to decreased elasticity of the skin.

Are you susceptible to wrinkles?

Along with the natural aging process, exposure to sun, wind and environmental elements cause the appearance of wrinkles in many people over a certain age. But there are others, who are more prone to the attack of wrinkles at an early age because of genetic factors, lifestyle and behavioral choices. Individuals exposed to UV radiation from sunlight, either due to their profession or location of residence as well as heavy smokers are especially prone to the early development of wrinkles.

Individuals with lighter complexions experience premature appearance of wrinkles, while those with darker complexions are less prone to their development. Due to the larger presence of melanin, the skins of the latter group suffer a reduced level of penetration of UV rays from sunlight. Rapid weight loss over a short time span also causes development of wrinkles because of the loss of fat cells.

Free Radicals and the Occurrence of Wrinkles

Free radical damage is considered one of the most vital source of skin damage and appearance of wrinkles. These free radicals severely harm the skin by breaking down the skins support structures. They diminish elasticity of skin and the resilience of skin is lost and the aging process sets in.

Antioxidants are meant to reduce the damage caused by free radicals. When antioxidant protection is inadequate in our body, free radicals cause damage. The activities of free radicals can be neutralized through antioxidants abundant in vitamins A, C, and E, beta carotene, selenium, zinc and more.

Thus by consuming foods and vitamins rich in antioxidants and through the application of skin care products rich in antioxidants, you can stall the process of wrinkling of skin.

How to combat wrinkles

NOTE: Always consult your physician first before implementing any new diets, therapies and/or implementing any skin care regimen or procedures, especially if you have existing skin conditions and/or are prone to rashes and/or have sensitive skin and/or are allergic to certain ingredients that may be included in any skin care formulations or are allergic to any components natural or synthetic that may be mentioned.

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There is more than one way to combat unwanted wrinkles and creases on your skin.

As mentioned above, topical creams and lotions rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and retinol produce greater results in concealing wrinkle lines. Also, supplements particularly rich in vitamin E and vitamin C work wonderfully in returning some of the lost resilience of the skin. Vitamin K (caution if you’re taking blood thinners) is also popularly used in the treatment of wrinkles. Also, hormone replacement therapy helps regain healthy skin in postmenopausal women.

Wrinkle Prevention tips

  • Prevention is better than cure.

– Use Sun block lotions every time you go out in the sun.
– Wear sunglasses and use an umbrella or wear a hat.
– Wear protective clothing.
– Eat plenty of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.…

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7 Steps to Great Makeup

1. Avoid wearing too much

Makeup is meant to enhance features not bring negative attention to you. That’s what wearing too much makeup will do; it will bring you unwanted attention. Don’t wear too much of anything such as:

i) Eyeliner: dark, thick eyeliner will make you look overdone and will ruin the rest of your makeup.

ii) Mascara: too much mascara looks fake and will flake. It looks especially bad if worn with thick eyeliner or dark blue eye eye shadow.

iii) Foundation: Make sure your foundation is the same color as your skin. Foundation is meant to protect and give the face a smooth look. The magic word is blend.

iv) Powder: The same holds true for powder – not too much. Also, be sure to blend your makeup so there are no obvious lines.

2. Lips

Apply lip liner to completely cover the lips, add color and your lipstick will stay on much longer. Make sure your lip liner doesn’t show. Also, your lip color should match your skin tone; wear cool colors if you have cool coloring and warm colors if you have warm coloring. If you want to make your lips look smaller, keep your liner on the inside of your lips. However, if you decide to make your lips look larger, going outside the natural outline of you lips is a mistake. This can look quite messy and unnatural.

3. Appropriate makeup

Wear makeup that is appropriate for the occasion. If you are going to the beach you shouldn’t wear the same or as much makeup as you would if you were going dancing. Also, when you are in daylight your makeup should be a lighter than when you are out for the evening.

4. Too little or no makeup

Some women don’t wear makeup because they are not sure how to use it and are afraid of being overdone. If you are unsure, start will light colours in your shade. Start slowly and add one product at a time. Maybe start with foundation, add mascara, blush or lipstick. If you are not used to wearing makeup, using a lot a first may be a little too much for you, so start slowly. The bottom line is a little is better than none. If you are still unsure seek professional advice.

5. Overall look

When your makeup is completed it should look natural. That means avoiding colours that clash. If you have dark skin and hair you will look better in darker shades; light colours will make you look washed out. If your hair and skin tone are light, light colours will look better on you. Dark makeup will make you look older and harsh. If you have oily skin, first use oil control moisturizer and foundation. Then be sure to wear loose powder, keeping pressed powder with you for touch ups.

6. Hair color

Your hair color should also be in harmony with your skin. If you have dark hair and you want to add color, keep it close to the same shade. If you have light hair, use light colors. As you age your skin will lighten, so should your hair color. One last thing about hair color – if you do color you hair be sure you keep it up, don’t let your roots show.

7. One last thing

Keep makeup looking fresh all day by doing regular touch ups. Don’t let your makeup fade or crease. Smile!!!…

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Hair Beauty Tips

Sometimes just knowing a few simple shortcuts can make you look and feel ten times better, only faster. Below are eight of my favorite hair and beauty tips.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 1

Use cooler water to wash and rinse your hair.  Extremely high water temperatures can damage fragile hair strands and leave you looking frizzy.  Avoid washing your hair every day as this can lead to extreme dryness.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 2

Pat your hair dry instead of rubbing out the moisture which leads to tangling which leads to breakage which starts a cycle of uneven locks.  Use the medium setting on your hairdryer to avoid burnt hair from too much heat.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 3

Always use a comb on wet hair which is more elastic and easier to pull or tangle than dry hair. Be sure to comb small sections rather than forcing a brush through it quickly.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 4

Visit your beauty salon regularly for trims and hair care checkups.  Often your stylist can inform you of any new products and give you great hair and beauty tips.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 5

Eating healthier and drinking more water isn’’t just for your body’s health, it’s also beneficial to your hair and skin.  By keeping your body hydrated, you will be less likely to develop dry skin or dry hair.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 6

Coat your lashes with facial powder prior to applying your mascara.  This will cause your lashes to look longer and use less mascara which can cake up and break your lashes.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 7

Use lipsticks with bluish undertones to make your teeth appear whiter. Shades in the berry or burgundy fashion are often great for this.

Great Hair and Beauty Tip # 8

Apply a highlighter or lighter colored make up foundation to wrinkles to help the light bounce, thus drawing it out and minimizing the look of aging.  Be sure to blend it in with your normal cosmetics or it may look like streaks.

I hope these hair and beauty tips help you shave some time of your daily beauty regimen.…

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